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Pattern Playgrounds.
Grep Cheat Sheets.
Ready for macOS Catalina.
Millions* of new features and refinements.

Even more productive.
Still wicked fast.
The professional’s choice for more than twenty-five years (and counting).

It (still) doesn't suck.

* Estimated.

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Looking for a 64-bit TextWrangler?

OpenMediaVault is it! (We promise you'll immediately feel right at home. And just like TextWrangler, you can use it for free.) Learn more here.


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The leading professional HTML and text editor for the Mac, with high-performance features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text.


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The simplest way to organize all the small (or even large) bits of information that you use all the time on your Mac and iPad.



Show your BBEdit pride! Includes limited editions, 25th anniversary gear, and shiny things.

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